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Overview of Ground Penetrating Radar(GPR) operation

GPR is an equipment to explore to find object laid underground by spreading electric waves to underground from an antenna then receive reflected waves. Not only metallic materials such as Gas and water supply pipelines under the ground, GPR is also able to explore non metallic ones including polyethylene, concrete, rocks and caves. the proficiency of this equipment on reflected waves recognition technique make us detect all the objects including Gas and water supply pipes laid underground accurately and efficiently.

Range of GPR equipment(RD-1500) operation

  • Exploring objects under the ground using GPR
  • Finding and inspecting Gas pipeline, water and sewage pipeline and manhole with no break or damage
  • Identifying flood and water leakage occurred underground and detecting bedrock and caves laid underground
  • Maximizing efficiency on work process by acquiring pre-requisite Data including identifying lost part of pipeline and establishing the range of drilling area.

RD-1500 Exploration vehicle


Onsite exploration using RD-1500

Process of GPR exploration and interpretation of the data attained.

GPR_ (1)
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