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Safety first! Shinjeong Develop, Inc, the leader of cleaning industry, recognizes ourselves as the vanguard of preventing industrial disaster and environmental accidents, continuously striving to no-disaster on the field.


Discipline for environmental safety management

Safety Declaration

As the leader of cleaning industry, Shinjeong Develop, Inc. recognizes itself as the vanguard for preventing industrial disaster and environment accidents and hereby expresses its promises to all.

  • We respect lives and lead to create no-disaster industrial society.
  • We bear in mind that safety keeps my life and promotes business property and happiness of our family.
  • We endeavor to make safe and clean workplace by strictly following the rules and regulations of environment, safety and health.

From all staffs of Shinjeong Develop, Inc.


Guideline for environment and safety

  • Employees promotes to settle safety culture by systemizing safety management and endeavors to make the safest workplace with respect of life.
  • During construction working, employees will keep their lives and their family’s happiness from various industrial disasters and take precautions against accidents that will cause property damage.
  • By activating all the staffs and employees to be safety agents, employees shell always execute duties and responsibility for safety.
  • Through vitalizing safety and health organization in the company, each employee should keep its duty with discipline and also devote to protect industrial accident with active participation.
  • Employees must create culture for keeping the discipline by construction procedure plan and safety proceedings.
  • Employees will maintain continuous environmental improvement by practicing environment pollution protection and environment enhancement.

By CEO of Shinjeong Develop, Inc.


5 code of practice for innovating safety awareness

Put on completely
safety helmet, safety shoes, safety belt.
Check Thoroughly
risk factor, safety condition, circumstances.
Fix Strictly
safety belt lock-up.
Clean perfectly
everything in order and arranged on the workplace
Keep comprehensibly
Safety rules

No Accident Workplace

We are breaking record of No-accident achievement from March 15, 2015 to today

Your support and care makes our safety.

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