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Non drilling, Snap-Lock repairing method of inner space

Non drilling, SNAP-LOCK drain pipeline repairing method is that after installing stainless sleeve or water-stop rubber sleeve to repairing compensator, it uses air-pressure supplied from control equipment to closely adhere the sleeves with pressurization. Particularly it can be installed in a short time and it is able to install on a flowing water site.

Features of SNAP-LOCK repairing method

  • Excellent feature of waterproof & conserving watertightness
  • Protecting against intrusion of tree roots or water inflow
  • Enabling repair operation while water flows
  • Operating non-drilling repair operation in the shortest time
  • stainless sleeve or rubber sleeve
  • localizing repair compensator

Targets for applying SNAP-LOCK repair method

  • damaged pipe
  • damaged joint of pipes
  • cracked joint
  • cracked pipe
  • repairable range of width : from 300 to 1200
  • water inflow

Non-drilling SNAP-LOCK inside repairing equipments


Non-drilling repairing equipment vehicle




SNAP-LOCK(repairing Compensator)


Repairing slub


Before repairing


Repairing in operation


After repairing

Non-drilling F.R.P inner repairing method

Non-drilling Sewer F.R.P inner repairing method is that after winding epoxy resin attached glass fiber to repairing Compensator then setting the glass fiber to abnormal parts of the target, it attaches and tightens the glass by pressing and heating. It is easy to apply to any type of damage or crack such as joint blocking, joint damage, pipeline damage and water inflow and an economic repairing method that provides better watertightness and chemical resistance.

Feature of F. R. P repairing method

  • Excellent chemical resistance, watertightness and durability of repairing matter
  • Highly thin repairing matter that almost no shrink on width of pipeline occurs
  • Good to wider crack molding or repairing
  • Conserving the strength of repairing stability, only 2 hours of hardening needed

Range for applying F.R.P repairing method

  • Pipe crack
  • Joint damage
  • Joint angular misalignment
  • Pipe crack
  • Pipe bent or pipe mismatch
  • Applicable size range for repairing : from 250 to 1200

Non-drilling F.R.P inner repairing equipment system


F.R.P inner repairing main equipment


F.R.P inner repairing Compensator


Fiber glasses/resin for F.R.P inner repairing


Adding fiber to glass fiber.

Operation procedure for Non-drilling F.R.P inner repairing method

Operation procedure for Non-drilling F.R.P inner repairing method

  • Clean inside a pipe using high pressure cleaning vehicle
  • Immerse glass fiber and resin then attach it to repairing Compensator
  • Maintain about 2 hours of hardening time
  • Retreat repairing Compensator after hardening process, then check the state of F.R.P repair work via CCTV

Before repairing


Repairing in operation


After repairing

Grouting/lining multi-parts repair method(RGLC method)

This method is an enhanced way of existing machine for repair method that is applied to non-drilling drainpipe repair. As integrating each process with each equipment to a total repairing system, it is a constructable method for blocking water on of abnormal parts on drainpipe, grouting and lining operation or camera investigation with selecting orderly, selectively and comprehensively, using only one total equipment based on the level of abnormality such as pipe crack, damaged pipe and joint misalignment.

Feature of Lining repair method

  • By maintaining accurate section design of section formation created from wave projection, it enhances adhesive strength of the ends caused by inflation pressure
  • Selecting Sandglass shape repairing tool, no damage on repaired parts in lining material injection
  • Incarnating semipermanent waterproof effect by implementing waterproof type silicon band

Feature of Grouting repair method

  • Preventing remaining shape generation by three rooms expansion structure
  • Realizing even injection by multi injection holes
  • Complete prevention of re-leaking by expanding wave projection and the two ends.
  • Assured waterproof effect by the combination of pipe outside and sand layers.

Non-drilling Grouting & Lining combined repair equipment system


Procedure of non-drilling grouting & lining combined repair

  • Dredge inside sewer pipeline and determine the range of repair by CCTV monitoring
  • Check repair equipment and mix repairing materials
  • Insert repairing tool and settle the tool to the place for repair by CCTV monitoring
  • Insert compressed air and expand repairing tool, then keep it close to inside the pipe.
  • Maintain proper air pressure and hardening time by checking CCTV and manometer
  • Withdraw repairing tool out of manhole, check main equipments then retreat and order all the equipments

Before lining


After lining


Before grouting


After grouting

PROBOT의 공법소개

Resolving the issues on existing drain pipe dredging, this method is to fit for repairing small and medium size(300~1000mm) pipe where man cannot touch and do repair work. It is a cutting edge technique that CCTV monitoring inside pipe, dredging and removal of obstacle simultaneously and efficiently.
Robot is moving around pipe inside, checks sediments and obstacles(concrete, by-product of artificial stones, PVC joints, rocks and tree roots), using attached equipments that fit to remove any kind of obstacles and sediments by choosing and utilizing one of the attached tools(half moon shaped bucket, hydraulic jack, cutter and trident) then move the obstacles to manhole and dredging them with small suction machine.

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