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Introducing our proud engineers

No. Name Position License category & Class Registration No
1 Kim Mansik CEO recognized craftsman G00206040
2 Kim Yeongsam SMD(senior managing director) machinery(primary technician) G00195919
3 Kim Yeongsam SMD(senior managing director) gas facility construction 519810330
4 Cho Junho Manager class 1 engineer industrial safety 032202150232A
5 Kim Juyong Engineer craftsman chemical analysis 78225102310L
6 Kim Juyong Engineer craftsman hazardous material 78247803511Q
7 Park Soyoung Engineer engineer water pollution environmental 89201140089W
8 Jeon Jinho Engineer engineer construction material testing 914051566371
9 Kim Seonggon Engineer engineer industrial safety 12201150294J
10 Kim Seonggon Engineer industrial engineer hazardous material 08201150947B
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